Treat the Stroke Foundation Research Fellowship

The Treat the Stroke foundation offers the opportunity for students from the undergraduate level to medical school to get involved in neurosurgical and cerebrovascular research. Our summer research fellowship will immerse students in the field of cerebrovascular neurosurgery and neurointervention. Research fellows will attend cerebrovascular cases in the operating room and the neurointerventional suite. They will be integrated into a variety of research projects inclusive of clinical outcomes research, meta-analysis of current trends in the field and learn how to compile case reports alongside our senior authors.

Research fellows will be involved with:

  • Shadowing and attending cerebrovascular cases
  • Analyzing surgical outcomes and technical nuances of cerebrovascular and endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms, vascular malformation, and ischemic stroke
  • Acquiring surgical and radiographic data
  • Management of outcomes databases
  • Aiding in manuscript preparation and conceptualization of research

Future applicants interested in pursuing research with the Treat the Stroke foundation, please send inquiries to [email protected]

Current Research Fellows

Jonathan Collard de Beaufort

Jonathan Collard de Beaufort is an undergraduate student majoring in biochemistry at Syracuse University with an early acceptance into SUNY Upstate Medical school as the class of 2029. At Syracuse, he is in the Renée Crown Honors Program, an active member of the Syracuse University Ambulance service, and on the Dean’s List.

Jonathan is currently integrating clinical outcomes research in cerebrovascular neurosurgery with ongoing Treat the Stroke efforts to promote a better understanding of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke treatment. He currently serves as the Treat the Stroke Social Media Ambassador and works towards highlighting updates within the cerebrovascular field.

Previous Research Fellows

Haley M. Wendt

Thomas Monarch, Esq.

Austin M. Krueger